Trademark is one of Shengmei’s key practice areas. Shengmei can provide clients with a full range of trademark legal services, like trademark’s strategic planning, search, registration, protection and dispute resolution.

      Shengmei's trademark team has rich experience in practice, understand the client’ business needs, and is proficient in brand protection strategy planning, trademark registration at home and abroad, trademark management, trademark infringement litigation, administrative trademark litigation, unfair competition litigation involving enterprise name, domain name, and counterfeiting, and other comprehensive legal services.

      • Researching, and analyzing the legal status of client’s trademark protection

      • Diagnosing and evaluating the reasonableness of client’s trademark protection

      • Combining trademark protection with the client’s brand development

      • Building systems of trademark usage, maintenance and management for clients

      • Tracking the usage and maintenance of client's trademark dynamically and providing legal opinions at any


      • Representing the clients for trademark registration and follow-up maintenance at home and abroad

      • Representing the clients for trademark invalidation and determination at home and abroad

      • Participating in the transfer of trademark rights, licensing negotiations and completing the administrative

registration and filing

      • Analyzing legal risks of potential trademark infringement and providing related solutions

      • Reviewing and revising contracts related to the client’s trademark

      • Monitoring the client’s domestic trademark gazette

      • Recognition of geographical indications, collective marks, certification marks and special marks

      • Recognition of well-known trademark and legal protection

      • Trademark pledge and financing

      • Expert conference for difficult trademark problems

      • Administration and civil trademark litigation