Ada Zhang

       Ada Zhang,Partner, Attorney, Beijing Shengmei Law Firm;Senior Counsel, Beijing Han Rui Intellectual Property

Agency Ltd.;Member of International Trademark Association (INTA), Member of Chinese Trademark Association (CTA).

       Ms. Zhang Jing graduated from China University of Political Science and Law with a bachelor's degree in

management and law. During her ten years’ work in IP area, Ms. Zhang has accumulated a great deal of experience and is mainly adept at the strategic IP analysis, IP system construction, legal protection of well-known trademarks, difficult and complex trademark authorization and infringement cases, domain name and unfair competition cases.

       For many years, Ms. Zhang has served many famous international and domestic enterprises and has rich

experience in dealing with difficult and complicated cases such as trademark and unfair competition. Ms. Zhang represented Hengyuanxiang on trademark infringement (Sheep Totem trademark) and trademark invalidation cases, and also successfully recognized its unregistered trademark as a well-known trademark in a trademark review and adjudication case, which has been chosen by Trademark Review and Adjudication Board (TRAB) as a typical case. Ms. Zhang also represented Japan's largest pesticide manufacturer on trademark cases in China to protect its brand reputation maximally. In addition, Ms. Zhang represented clients like Samsung Electronics, Japan's Qubi and Germany Bosch Electromechanical and recognized "Anycall", "Samsung", "Chubby", "Bosch" as well-known trademarks through trademark review and adjudication cases.

       In the formulation of trademark strategy and trademark protection, Ms. Zhang Jing has strong analytical skills

and extensive experience. She served many Chinese group companies such as China Minmetals Corporation, China National Building Materials Group, Shinco Electric Company, PurCotton Corporation, and China Fortune Land Development on trademark protection status analysis, trademark strategy for the future development of the brand, and legal advice on specific areas.